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You’ve been fairly smart with your money, you are looking to expand your portfolio, but you aren’t quite sure what the next step is. You made a great move coming to Premier Wealth Planning – with our highly trained professionals you will be able to see how the path into your bright future is mapped out.

We strive to present you with a lot of exciting options that will help transform your finances from something you are okay with to something you are ecstatic about.

Based in Clearwater, Florida, we have a long history of helping people make shrewd investments. Whether you are interested in stocks and bonds, mutual funds, fixed and variable annuities, or other insurance products, we are able to accommodate you. We make the whole process simple so you can understand what is happening as we help manage your wealth.

As financial advisors, it is our goal to ensure our clients are knowlegeable about important decisions they may encounter with their financial future. Proper management can be worked toward and maintained when you plan for the future. Premier Wealth Planning’s Strategic Planning Process was designed to do just that.

Understanding the many aspects which create a personal financial plan can help in critical decision making and reduce the possibility of unexpected expenses later in life that you may not be prepared for. We hope the expertise and knowledge we are able to offer allows you to position yourself for a comfortable retirement and satisfying future for years to come.

Gary A Richardson
Investment Advisor Representative
LPL Financial


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